#Week 8:: Best from Waste-2

So this week, I found these wooden pieces in the wood workshop trash and thought of making a graphical neck piece 🙂 Here is what i made >> Process- Once i found these… Continue reading

#Week 7:: Tatting love <3

I love making tatting laces and usually make tatting flowers for friends and family members who usually use them on pillow covers or cushion covers, but this time i thought of using these… Continue reading

#Week 6:: Best from Waste-1

So, this week as there has been a lot of cleaning in the wood workshop in college and a lot of small wooden pieces are lying around as waste. I thought that this… Continue reading

#Week 5:: Knitted Bow Clip

I learnt knitting in school and got addicted to it. Sometimes I make patches or knit samples whenever i want to try a new stitch. This week’s DIY idea came to me while… Continue reading

#Week 4:: Copper Tube to Jewelery

          THE INSPIRATION:: So this week I got inspired from this tutorial here>> MY TWIST :: While starting this tutorial instead of taking an already bent section I took a normal copper tube… Continue reading

#Week 3:: Cut-Out Bookmarks!

THE INSPIRATION:: The inspiration for this week were simple cut out bookmarks, very very simple to make and look so beautiful. Here are the pictures of this DIY! >> MY TWIST :: I thought… Continue reading

#Week 2:: The Heart DIY !

THE INSPIRATION:: This week I was too busy running around as my mom was in the hospital for her knee replacement operation…. so I chose a very simple DIY. This DIY was inspired… Continue reading

#Week 1:: Footwear DIY

THE INSPIRATION:: This DIY was inspired by this project here which actually involved crocheted footwear. The idea of the post was to turn mundane footwear into something more beautiful and wearable so that… Continue reading